How can I prepare for an international long-distance moving?

A plan and making sure you remain organized are some of the secrets you require for a smooth long distance moving. Otherwise, if you lack a plan and do not organize your move, you will end up experiencing a regretful move. In this article, I shall outline how you can prepare for an international long distance moving.

Determine the actual move out date

When planning long distance moving, the first thing that you need to have at the back of your mind is the move out date. Determining this date helps you to lay out a good plan to make sure everything is ready. You need to know the days that are remaining before the move out date helps you determine important deadlines.

Prepare a move out checklist

This document lists all the things to be done when preparing for the move. The move out checklist needs to be done immediately when it is clear that you shall be moving out. The importance of this document is that it reminds you of the important deadlines. You might want to consult a moving services company for a proper checklist.

Book with the long distance moving services company

Compare the pricing offered by different service providers in your area. This involves collecting different quotations for different services. Check out their rates for a full move package that entails handling all the activities from packing to arranging your new house. Determine the package that suits you better and books with the company.

Call the utility company for disconnect of services

You need to book with the utility companies to disconnect their services on the move out date. This call can be made 3 to four weeks before the actual move out date. Indicate to them the actual move out date so that the services are not disconnected before causing your inconveniences. In addition, it is important you contact the utility company top connect the services at the new residence.

Start packing your items

Packing for the long distance moving needs to begin weeks before the big day. Move around the house and inventory all your belongings. Make sure you have appropriate packing supplies for each of the items. This should cover fragile items like your kitchenware, as well as wrapping materials for your furniture.

Fill the change of address form

The change of address form is important since it ensures that your contacts will know where to find you. This includes the insurance cover provider as well as your friends. The bank statements will also not be sent to the wrong address. Therefore, make sure you notify your banker of the change of address early.

Those are some of the important things to do when preparing for a long distance moving. Hire professional moving services provider to make sure your move is smooth.

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