Over 70% of a client moving with a Space Moving Long Beach has chosen our company for the packing of their some or all belongings. Packing and unpacking is a sensitive job because you let other to pack your favorite stuff for you. Space Moving Long Beach is very particular when comes to packing and unpacking because we care for your belongings in the same manner as we care for ours.

Our Packing And Unpacking Squad Keeps Them Updates

In this era every day new techniques of packing are introduced in the market, which makes your packing more secure. The packing team of Space Moving Long Beach keeps themselves updated with the latest methods of packing. They have attended many packing and unpacking workshops to deliver you the best packing and unpacking services.

Space Moving Long Beach also deals with packing supplies

Our motto is to provide comfort to our client at every level. If you do not want a professional service for packing or unpacking we still care for you by providing you with the best quality packing materials. Even you can schedule an appointment with us to learn about some packing tips.

Our Company Professional Packing And Unpacking Services

Packing is not about just putting your stuff in a cardboard box it is much more than that. There are some items which need special handling during a process. Such goods are mirror or Glass, antique, a piece of technologies and more. Professional packers of Space Moving Long Beach has extensive training and practice in handling packing of these delicate items.

Our professional packer also help and provide you the
Service of unpacking your belongings

We Will Do Entire Packing And Unpacking Services For You

In this service of our company we offer two options;

  • You pack the belongings and place it in the box as you want to then our professional packing team will wrap the cardboard box and make it ready for transit. in this option unpacking your belongings and furniture is your job.
  • Second partial packing and unpacking option we have includes packing of selected items or an item of the specific room and reaming item you pack by yourself. we also unpack the selected item and organize them as per your instruction.

Full Packing

We will do entire packing and unpacking for you. From small item to big we will do it all. Our professional packers and unpackers wrap your office belongings in the right way and unwrap them carefully at your location and properly arrange your item.

Feel free to seclude an appointment with us.